Beware the Ease of Apps

There are many apps that make our lives easier.  However, use caution when using an app.  

Movie Time

If you are able to use an app that makes it possible to download movies or music free from the Internet, you should use caution.  Taking the possibly protected copyright work of another individual is a violation of the copyright law and could potentially lead to statutory damages of $150,000.00.  The US Copyright Group, a law firm, tracks down violators of the copyright law and sues them by using software to discover the users.

Taxi Services

Some apps are creating on demand taxi services.  A user can request a taxi or sign up to be a driver.  However, most users who sign up to be drivers don’t know or don’t understand that in many jurisdictions there are permitting and insurance requirements for operating a commercial vehicle.  Violating these laws could lead to civil and/or criminal penalties and your car could be towed.


Apps are great tools that can provide us with information, help, or a fun distraction.  However, make sure you understand the consequences of using apps.  Use common sense and if you are concerned about an app, call a lawyer, the Attorney General’s Office, the Better Business Bureau, or another source to find if a particular app or activity associated with an app can be trusted.

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